How we will supply ourselves with energy in the future

Virtual power plants revolutionize our energy supply in a positive way



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If we want to completely supply our cities with renewable energy in the future, we will face two challenges. One is that wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. The second is that the energy requirements of industry and households - as is the case now - are not evenly distributed throughout the day. So-called virtual power plants will help us to reconcile this as far as possible in the future.

Virtual power plants network various decentralized power sources, such as wind energy, photovoltaics and stationary power storage. In times when little electricity is consumed, for example, the remaining electricity can be stored or, if necessary, reused. Thus the virtual power plant is basically an algorithm that connects and controls all power sources and balances the energy demand accordingly. Supply and demand can then be optimally matched.

Statkraft, Europe's largest producer of renewable energy, explains here very clearly how such a virtual power plant works: Click on video


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