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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

Do you know what TAF means? How a Smart Meter Gateway works? And what a smart grid is? Well, TAF stands for tariff use case. Each tariff use case defines how the measured value processing and transmission of the energy load is to take place. So-called smart meter gateways are responsible for processing and transmitting the measured values. They enable more extensive communication and control between energy suppliers (large and decentralized) and consumers than a classic electricity meter. One day, smart meter gateways installed throughout the country will form the so-called smart grid, an intelligent electricity network. 

If you charge an electric car at home, smart meter gateways are an important topic for you, because: Section 29(1) of the Metering Point Operation Act requires end users with an annual consumption of more than 6,000 kWh to install them. Anyone with a charging electric car in the garage should have no problem reaching this amount of energy. But don't worry: We have already thought through all these issues for you and equipped our wallboxes to meet the requirements of the Metering Point Operation Act. Our wallboxes also enable separate billing of the charging current via a separate electricity meter, independent of your private consumption. Your household electricity and the charging current can be billed differently in this way. For example, the charging current can be billed more easily via the company. Should your annual private consumption exceed 6,000 kWh in the future, regardless of the charging current, it is also possible to use the smart meter gateway installed in the meter, so that you are not forced to retrofit a smart meter gateway. This would currently cost you around €80 per year. With our smart charging solutions, you are ready.


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