My electrifying weekend

Michel von Reeken, Partner Manager at eeMobility, regularly tests charging and driving electric cars. What is it like? Relaxed!



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Michel von Reeken, Partner Manager eeMobility


eeMobility GmbH

As Partner Manager of eeMobility, I am responsible for ensuring that our sales and cooperation partners support their customers in electrifying their fleets. Every day I talk about the advantages of electric mobility. Of course I also regularly test charging and driving myself. On a summer weekend in August, I took a two-day tour in our eeMobility Tesla. Buzzing conspicuously quietly, we went over country roads and fields to the idyllic moated castle. After a delicious cappuccino at the market place I drove on to the Chiemsee. A jump into the water? First of all I was allowed to offer some interested observers a test drive - literally fun for the whole family! It also became clear once again that electromobility is not only clean, it's exciting.

From Wasserburg to Salzburg and Reichenhall

The journey continued to Salzburg. There, I easily found a public charging station using the eeMobility app. The car parks and charges without a detour via a gas station. After a leisurely tour of Salzburg's city centre, I took the fully loaded Tesla to the beautiful spa town of Bad Reichenhall. And again it was no problem to find a charging station and connect the car there overnight.

Next stop: Königssee

After a restful night, it went on full of energy, both for me and for the Tesla! Our destination was the Königssee. Already the way there was a benefit for all senses - and without a loud, humming engine all the more perceptible. There a funny situation occurred: To enjoy the surroundings, I drove along a narrow road at walking speed. Slowly, but with enough distance, I approached some hikers. Only when I lowered the window and politely asked them to step aside for a moment, they got scared. Then we all had to laugh when they noticed that for some time and only a few meters behind them my electric car was walking along.

Conclusion: My electrifying weekend with the Tesla was relaxed, full of driving pleasure and free of worries - also with regard to charging.


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