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Learning from nature means not only exploiting natural resources or imitating them, but also understanding and adapting natural processes and systems. Learning from nature means making highly complex systems look simple.



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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

If tomorrow you were given the task of managing a system in which 1.2 million variables are housed and have to work together, you would certainly describe this task as "complex", first wipe a bit of fear sweat from your brow and then call a few meetings to create a project plan and timings with your colleagues.

Well, nature masters this complex task entirely without project management. The system described above is called the rainforest. On any given day, two-thirds of the animal and plant species known to us live and interact there - more than 1.2 million, after all. What is special about this system, however, is not only that it is highly complex, but also that it is able to regulate itself. It does not require any external intervention. The control mechanisms are inherent in the system itself. But it gets even better.

The system created by nature not only reacts to disturbances and changes and is able to compensate for them and to transfer its energy and material flows into a new balance, it is also able to evolve and adapt when the disturbances from outside are too extensive and profound. The rainforest, as highly complex as it is, simply works. When it's not being burned down. In the time it has taken you to get to this point in the article, an area of rainforest equal to about 30 football fields has been lost.

Complexity is a frequently used word in our days. Mostly it is used to capture a feeling of being overwhelmed. Our world is becoming more and more complex, we are told. How can we even find our way through it? Learning would be a start. Learning to navigate a new economic and social togetherness. And we have to, because the solutions we came up with in earlier years to organize our economy and our society no longer work. Why is that? Because we humans usually only simulate complexity instead of really dealing with it. We still predominantly manage and produce in a linear way. This is anything but complex and leads to the problems already mentioned.

The interconnectedness of our economic world that goes hand in hand with digitalization now enables us to link together, on a much larger scale, a wide variety of economic actors in larger, actually complex systems. We can build control mechanisms into these systems and use interactions to ensure greater efficiency and balance.

Within the Mer Group, for example, clean energy generation is combined with electromobility and the energy and mobility transition. With our products, we combine the interests of grid operators, electricity suppliers, car manufacturers, charging infrastructure operators, companies, tradesmen and private individuals; we are already enabling green solutions for the energy and mobility turnaround for all these players. Solutions that in some cases have not even been thought of by the legislator yet and that many of our customers do not even know will soon be a reality. But that's fine with us. As complex as our technology may be, in the end our customers only need to know two things. First, our technology works. And second: it enables limitless sustainable mobility and the complete switch of our energy supply to renewable energies.


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