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What do you like to share? Food? No problem, sitting at a table with others is more fun anyway. Your apartment or your money? Why share it? Your partner? Hands off! Gossip? You even have to share it!

There is so much that people can share. Some things they love to share. Some they hate to share. And some they don't share at all. In our employee survey this time we wanted to know what the eeMobility team thinks about sharing.


Sharing your food?
I am part of a solidary agriculture and share regional vegetables through my cooperative shares.
Who do you share your feelings with?
I share my feelings, like my clothes, with good friends. I know they're safe there.
Would you share clothes with others?
Right away! Unfortunately I don't have a sister or girlfriend with the same taste and dress size. But I would love to share it with someone! More variety, less purchase for the individual.

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