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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

M: "I think in ten years environmental protection will be standard. In my generation it is normal to discuss sustainability. I have no problem calling my peers on their behavior. But I've given up on dialogue with my grandma. I can't make a difference there anymore. The old people just don't want to change their behavior anymore."

G: "Society today is much more tolerant and open than it was in my twenties. We need to protect these achievements. It's down to each individual and age doesn't matter as much as shared values."

M: "An environment with the same convictions is also totally important to me. That gives me support and the feeling that I can really make a difference with new ideas."

G: "That's what's so beautiful about being young: This irrepressible will to change something. Having the courage to simply try things out because you haven't done them exactly the same way twenty times before and are therefore resigned. That energy is contagious."

M: "But I'm also glad for an experienced opinion. Especially when it comes to doing something for the very first time. With all your conviction, you never really know if you're on the right track with your innovation."

G: "It's like football: you can't have a striker or a defender."

Günter Wagoner (59) is the managing director of eeMobility and admires the drive of the young team every day. It even sometimes makes him feel a little younger than he actually is.

Madeleine Kreisel is 24 years old and thus the youngest employee at eeMobility. As a working student, she supports the marketing department and is on first-name terms with her boss Günter, just like any other colleague.


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