Sustainability 2.0: The new green deal

We spoke to Frank Gerbert, Head of Marketing at eeMobility, about the age of togetherness, shared values and the power of facts.



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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

The economy is above all a competition for better ideas and better products. What place does the social "we" have in such economic competition?

At the moment, we keep hearing that the "we" is experiencing the beginning of the age of cooperation. I would even go a bit further and say that we are moving towards the age of for each other.

What does this for each other look like?

In past decades, the win-win situation was always seen as the ultimate in mutual cooperation. The problem with the win-win situation, however, was that the issue of resources was not embedded in it.

The companies involved in the process both won, but nature lost?

Exactly, because the resources were not taken into account. They were just gone and nobody cared. In the age of togetherness, that will no longer be the case. Instead of win-win, the future is about true sustainability. 

Currently, the term sustainability is omnipresent. Everyone works with it, everyone adorns themselves with it. In the course of this, the term triggers an overtiredness. How does a company like eeMobility, whose business model is geared towards sustainability, deal with this?

Serene. Sustainability, like other social and economic processes, also goes through different phases of development. You can compare this very well with the Internet, for example, which has gone through various stages of social impact from Web 1.0 to Web 4.0. 

How does this translate to sustainability?

Sustainability 1.0 is already behind us. It was about understanding what sustainability actually is in the first place. We are currently in the Sustainability 2.0 phase, in which the topic is increasingly being seen and discovered as important. In this phase, we are learning a lot and very quickly. This includes the described conceptual inflation and perceived oversaturation.

What will happen in the two following phases?

Sustainability 3.0 is the transformation phase. What we have learned before is applied and put into practice during this time. In the final phase, Sustainability 4.0, we will really live sustainability. Only then will it also begin to have an effect.

eeMobility always stresses the importance of sharing values with customers. What are they and why are they so important?

The values we share with our clients are understanding, development, evolution and responsibility. These values help us to structure what we do for each other. Understanding is about the needs of our customers and understanding mobility. The value of development is about making things possible. The solutions we develop must not only work, but help our customers overall. Development is about developing sustainable energy, changing the way we produce and consume energy. For us, responsibility means that sustainability comes completely before profit optimization. It is important to us that we always look at these four pillars of value in an overall context. One cannot exist without the other.

How will sustainability change our society and our economy in the coming years?

We will increasingly question the meaningfulness of what we do. What do we really need? What is real? It is not enough just to talk about sustainability. Against this background, facts will become increasingly important. Do you know the this-is-fine meme?

The one where a dog in a hat sits at a table in a burning house and instead of running to safety, claims that everything will be okay?

Exactly that. The fire in the house where the dog is is a fact. It's life-threatening. The dog's opinion doesn't change that. His opinion "This is fine" has no power. The fire, on the other hand, does. It creates facts. In the original comic strip from which the meme is taken, the dog burns to death in the end. In the end, it's always the facts that matter. The This-Is-Fine statement basically talks about greenwashing. But that can't save the dog.


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