Blue Revolution

We spoke to the marketing team about the new image of the Mer Group, in which the colour blue plays a central role, is highly changeable and challenges the viewer's imagination time and again.



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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

The Mer Group's brand image is dominated by the color blue. Why did you choose this color of all colors?

The elemental energy of water plays a crucial role in our logo. In doing so, we merge the elements of air and water, whose power plays an important role at our parent company Statkraft in the form of hydro and wind power. We live on a blue planet, which we want to preserve as such with our work for the energy and mobility transition. The sky is also blue and a symbol of boundless freedom. We want to return to this freedom in the area of mobility.

Why is mobility no longer free?

Because people know that the transport sector has been eating up technological progress at the expense of the ecological balance sheet for years. Although the efficiency of engines has been increasing for years, the environmental impact of our mobility is not decreasing. Knowing this weighs on us and makes us feel guilty. We therefore need new mobility solutions such as electromobility so that we can move freely again without feeling that we are destroying our environment in the process.

Electricity drives electromobility. How is this reflected in the corporate design?

Electricity doesn't have a color to begin with. When we talk about green or grey electricity, we are referring to an environmental aspect of the generation of electricity. Nevertheless, we have taken up the theme of energy in our corporate design by juxtaposing our "Electric and Dynamo Blue" as a symbol of the flow of energy from wind and water power. But there is another meaning to the colour blue.

Which is?

Among other things, blue stands as a colour for the coherence of decisions and the development of tested results. Thus, the color blue fits perfectly with the philosophy of the Mer Group. The psychological mechanism behind this effect is very exciting. First and foremost, the colour blue conveys to the observer the knowledge of the facts and thus a sense of security. This feeling of security leads, as has been proven in experiments, to people daring to think differently and further - precisely because they are not in danger.

Is this feeling finally supposed to work against the bad mobility conscience through the colour blue?

Yes, we offer our customers sustainable energy and mobility solutions that are not greenwashed, but highly innovative, and that they can rely on. Looking at the big picture, really no other color would have suited Mer better.


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