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We are the electrical partner company of eeMobility GmbH, the leading provider of digital charging solutions in the field of electric mobility. As a certified specialist company for electric mobility, we are the first company in Germany to specialise entirely in the planning and implementation of individual charging infrastructure projects - both within the company and for fleet drivers at home.

Our services:

  • Planning and installation of your charging infrastructure on any scale
  • Complete charging infrastructure solutions in companies and for fleet drivers at home
  • Maintenance of your charging infrastructure
  • Troubleshooting your charging infrastructure

We have been operating since March 2020 and have already implemented the first major projects in addition to numerous small installations. At the moment our radius of action is still 100 km within a radius of Munich.


Marc Boltz


permanent establishment:

eeMobility Service GmbH, Hofmannstr. 61, 81379 Munich

Business address: 

eeMobility Service GmbH, Landwehrstraße 60-62, 80336 Munich, Germany


In our monthly newsletter we inform you about the current possibilities of electric mobility, technical background and special offers from eeMobility.

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We offer charging solutions such as Charge and energy management, Billing Service & Monitoring.

eeFlat: for the company car driver who requires
a complete solution including charging at home.