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eeCharging: for the facility manager who needs intelligent charging stations at his company site

Everything from one source - For charging stations at your company location

With over 1.1 megawatt hours of green electricity, which have already been charged by over 1,000 drivers, we know the needs of drivers and the challenges they face as facility managers.

Especially in the beginning the investment is relatively large for a rather small number of vehicles. It is therefore important that the solution is future-proof and scalable. If you wish, we can take over the complete handling and you will get the solution with eeCharging from one source:

  • Planning with experience so that construction costs are as low as possible. We agree with you how much kW per vehicle will be available and how the electricity volumes will be distributed in the future
  • When the time comes, an intelligent load management system optimises the loading processes so that the load quantities are distributed among the vehicles as sensibly as possible
  • Suitable hardware for the requirements at your location and from your drivers (slow to fast loading)
    • No matter if wallbox, charging station or fast loader
    • Only hardware that meets market standards, so that you remain independent of an operator in the long term.
  • No effort and reduction of complexity because we take over the complete operation
    • Technical operation: remote monitoring, fault clearance management, maintenance, service hotline
    • Driver and access card management
  • Cost transparency and cost monitoring through regular reports, individually as you wish.
  • How much does an e-car load on average per month and which vehicles load where? This knowledge provides you with a basis for future planning and the question of how, for example, employees will be billed privately in the future

  • Access card management: We arrange for you that every driver (whether from the company's own fleet, pool or company car or employees with private vehicles) is provided with the appropriate access cards. In this way, you ensure that only those who have permission are allowed to load, and that the billing or invoicing of the electricity quantities can take place with the vehicle fleet.

  • We do the billing for you, legally compliant and exactly the way you want it. It is your location and your employee, so you set the tariff.

  • Green power supply: With our help, make sure that all charging processes are 100 % CO2 neutral. Either through the green electricity at your location or through a supply from us. If there is no other technical option, we will provide a sensible CO2 compensation.

  1. eeMobility makes an appointment on site and, together with the customer, plans the installation and equipment of the loading points, as well as cable routes and everything else that is necessary.
  2. The installation of the charging points is carried out either by eeMobility or by the customer himself.
  3. The charging points are put into operation by eeMobility and billed monthly according to the customer's wishes.

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We offer charging solutions such as Charge and energy management, Billing Service & Monitoring.

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