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Britta Kaltenbach


  • How do I switch the fleet to "electric"?
  • Fuel and maintenance costs are proven to be lower for electric cars

Electric mobility is gaining ground - for your fleet too

1. switch your fleet to "electric" now

2. what are your duties?

3. as market leader we are at your side

Electric mobility will come

The traffic turnaround is here. There are simple reasons for this: Among other things, the German government has set itself the goal for 2020 of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Germany by 40 percent compared to 1990. One of these greenhouse gases is CO2. 

Transport accounts for a large proportion of man-made CO2 emissions. Passenger transport, in turn, accounts for the largest share of these emissions. Company cars are of course also affected by this. Many modern companies have recognised this and set themselves the goal of reducing the CO2 emissions of their fleets.

Why opt for electric mobility?

In addition to other alternative drives, electric mobility for passenger transport is currently a major topic. For environmental reasons, however, the switch to electromobility only makes sense if no CO2 is emitted during power generation. This means that the electricity must be generated from renewable energies.

"be prepared!"

Fuel and maintenance costs are proven to be lower for electric cars. The currently still relatively high acquisition costs will decrease in the future.

Why start now?

It is not only bans that make us switch to electric cars, but above all incentives. In addition to the good feeling of contributing to environmental and climate protection with an electric car, there are concrete tax advantages and subsidies for the driver. This is another reason why the topic of "electric mobility" is very much in the media and will also affect you as a fleet manager in the near future. 

Use the time now to get to grips with the topic and gain experience before the great wave of electric mobility hits you unprepared. This is where reliable implementation and promising solutions are required. Good, if you are prepared for it.

What are the challenges for fleet managers?

Where do you even start when the request for an electric car as a company car comes up in the management or with employees? For you as a fleet manager, the changeover raises many questions. 

Especially if you have not yet dealt with the topic in depth. But also if you are already convinced and would like to initiate it yourself. In any case, we are the right contact person:

  • Filling up with gas is now loading. Where do you want the cars loaded?
  • What should the implementation look like?
  • What new tasks will you be taking on?
  • How does the accounting process work?
  • What if there are problems with the loading?
  • What happens if the number of e-cars increases rapidly?
  • Can I exchange information with other fleet managers?

How do I switch the fleet to "electric"?

eeMobility has been on the market for many years and, as a pioneer of mobility models, was quick to develop solutions for electric service fleets that exactly meet your requirements. 

Everything from one source. Tailored to your company, scalable and with predictable costs. Used by numerous reference customers and with many examples of best practice.

  • The complete offer for company cars with shop at home, at the company location and on the road (eeFlat)
  • Shop at company location (eeCharging)
  • Loading on the road (eeDrive)

All beginnings can be easy. Take the first step!

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