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Britta Kaltenbach

  • Anyone who has ever driven an electric car will appreciate the many advantages
  • With the help of over 110,000 charging points you are mobile

With us the changeover is easy

1. why drive an electric car?

2. switch now and benefit

Three. Dare you! With us the changeover is easy

Why drive an electric car?

Anyone who has ever driven an electric car will appreciate the many advantages over a combustion engine: almost silent gliding, relaxed driving, fantastic acceleration and (with green electricity) no guilty conscience. Being mobile and flexible without exhaust and fumes.

Besides the electric driving experience, the financial advantages are not insignificant. Since 1.1.2019, electric company cars and partly hybrid vehicles with private use have to be taxed with only 0.5 %. In addition, a new law provides the advantage that electricity does not have to be taxed at the company location for private cars.

What does the changeover mean for me?

What changes for you is first and foremost your fuelling behaviour. Filling up becomes charging. And that is where your car is. From now on, you will not have to drive to the filling station, but can load up right where you are. 

This can be comfortable at home or at work, on the road while you shop or pursue your hobbies. The average company car driver in Germany covers 20 km per day. This means that it is normally enough to shop at home and/or at the company location.

"silent, relaxed, fantastic"

However, not everyone has the possibility to load at home in their own garage. But if your company has a corresponding contract with eeMobility, you can load directly at the company loading station at all your employer's company locations. 

And since eeMobility cooperates with intercharge and, also throughout Europe in the public charging network. This means you are mobile with the help of over 110,000 charging points.

And if I have to drive longer distances?

For really longer distances you might have to plan your trip even more precisely than before. With our eeMobility app, you can find the nearest fast loaders on the way if you are short on time. 

Virtually all new vehicles have the option of quick charging. Depending on the vehicle type and the remaining range, it usually takes about half an hour to recharge the battery to 80 % SOC (State of Charge). A period of time which you would or should plan as a break for long distances.

Now is the right time

The topic of electric mobility is more topical than ever. Hardly a week goes by without a car manufacturer announcing new e-vehicle models.

Now more and more companies and drivers are taking the step towards electric cars. One reason is the many new financial incentives:

For the employer:

  • Federal environmental bonus (until 30.6.2019)
  • Lump-sum wage tax on acquisition
    a loading device
  • State subsidies
  • Municipal subsidies

For the driver:

  • More favourable company car taxation "0.5 % rule
  • Tax-free recharging at the employer

What advantages does the eeMobility solution have for me?

As an experienced service provider, eeMobility offers you tried and tested solutions that we adapt precisely to your needs and possibilities:

  • all charging points in the eeMobility app
  • simple activation for charging with one card
  • as required: shop at home, at the company site and on the road
  • Costs that can be calculated with eeDrive and remain constant

You too can rely on eeMobility!

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