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  • eeMobility has tried and tested solutions available
  • The changeover takes place for you without great additional expenditure

Your vehicle fleet will also be electrically

  • The vehicle fleet will be electrically
  • Which tasks arise for Facility Management
  • We help you with the implementation

Stromer on the advance

After a period of hesitation, numerous drivers have already taken the step towards the electric company car. This brings new challenges for your company and the drivers, but also many advantages. In addition to the contribution to the reduction of CO2 emissions, the costs of vehicle tax, insurance and operation are reduced.

What does the changeover mean for me?

For you as a facility manager, the changeover - from a proven system to a new one - brings with it additional tasks. Because while you previously did not have to worry about how and where the drivers refuel, the electric cars will now also charge on the company premises. This raises questions: How and where will the charging at the company site work?

Be prepared!

To become familiar with a new topic, in our case the conversion of the service fleet or individual cars to electric mobility, requires a lot of
Time. However, time is often scarce and expectations are high once the company decision has been made. Accept the challenge and be well prepared. 


eeMobility offers tried and tested solutions that are not only secure but also scalable. Because our solution is expandable and can easily be adapted to the number of electric cars. We want satisfied customers who stay with us for a long time. Also and especially when your company grows.

What are the challenges for facility managers?

What does it mean in concrete terms when the changeover is decided? As a service provider, we relieve you of as many tasks as possible, because after all, the changeover should take place without a great deal of additional work for you. What questions arise?

  • How can I load a variety of cars?
  • What charging solutions are there and which ones do we need?
  • How is the charging solution future-proof and flexibly expandable?
  • Who is allowed to load and how do you organize it?
  • How much does the installation cost?
  • How is billing done and how can I bill?

What advantages does the eeMobility solution have for me?

Together with you, we will work out a solution that fits your application exactly and, of course, is technically feasible. In doing so, we take into account that the solution can be expanded as your electric vehicle fleet grows.

"Lead the way!"

You have the good feeling that with this project the costs are known and
...don't get out of hand. This in turn ensures a good cost overview
and predictability. Also for tasks like telephone service and reporting or
Settlement we are here.

With our eeCharging offer you will receive

  • everything from a single source: from planning and construction to operation and billing
  • intelligent load management
  • Charging infrastructure for your vehicle fleet with pool, private and company vehicles
  • Charging card for visitors

Be a pioneer in electric mobility!

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We offer charging solutions such as Charge and energy management, Billing Service & Monitoring.

eeFlat: for the company car driver who requires
a complete solution including charging at home.