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How do you prepare for the future? We have thought about the future in our eeFlatNeo Ready charging solution so that it meets the requirements of the energy transition today and tomorrow



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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

2020 was a boom year for electromobility and many experts agree that this trend will even intensify in 2021. The me(h)r of electric cars on the roads also ensures more charging - on the road, at the company, in the garage at home or at public charging points near the home. The question of what will happen if all electric cars charge at the same time has been and continues to be raised as a threat to electromobility. The tried and tested solutions that have long existed for this problem are not mentioned. For years, for example, we have been working on the question of how the charging of electric cars can be designed efficiently and in a way that conserves resources - in order to enable a genuine energy turnaround. The result of our work is our eeFlatNeo Ready, a mobility flat rate that enables charging wherever you need it: at home, at work or while travelling throughout Europe. But our smart charging solution can do even more.  

In the coming months, the triumphant advance of electromobility will mean that grid operators and electricity providers will be faced with the challenge of designing charging solutions in such a way that they enable grid-optimised charging. Our intelligent charging solution - the eeFlatNeo Ready - is ready for this future. Today, we are already in a position on the hardware side and in terms of electricity management to coordinate charging processes with the grid load and to bill on a quarter-hourly basis. The problem: Power supply is team play. This includes not only the consumers, such as electric cars, or the developers of charging solutions, but also the electricity producers and grid operators. While we have already created the conditions for the future of electromobility, the grid operators in particular often still have to do their homework - even though the legislator has long since written precisely this task into their specifications. Fortunately, these growing pains have no significance for our customers and drivers who use our charging solutions. When the future comes - and it will - you'll be ready for it thanks to our eeFlatNeo Ready.   


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