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eeMobility GmbH


eeMobility GmbH

eeFlatNeo is the new intelligent charging solution from eeMobility. With eeFlatNeo, we ensure that electric company cars are also 100 percent charged with electricity from renewable energies at home. Without the need for an expensive network expansion. Thanks to the division of the charging cycle into individual blocks and a self-learning algorithm, eeFlatNeo prevents the power grid from being overloaded even when charging at home.

With eeFlatNeo, the driver also has access to the charging infrastructure at the company's location and to over 40,000 charging stations throughout Europe. In all cases, billing is automated in fleet leasing logic via the employer and when charging at home, independent of household consumption. Thanks to the flat rate price, the costs are absolutely transparent and calculable for both employer and company.


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We offer charging solutions such as Charge and energy management, Billing Service & Monitoring.

eeFlat: for the company car driver who requires
a complete solution including charging at home.