Webinar: real, new, moving: How can e-mobility successfully establish itself in corporate fleets?

Success factors for electric mobility in fleets: Challenges, conditions and solutions. These are the topics we will address in the 14th part of our webinar series "How can e-mobility be successfully established in corporate fleets? What you will learn in our webinar: What are the stumbling blocks of e-mobility in fleets? How is the topic already being incentivized by the legislator? Which measures for a successful implementation [...]

Webinar: real, new, moving: Integrating plug-in hybrids into the fleet at low cost - an impossible task?

This is the question we will be exploring in the 13th part of our webinar series under the title "Cost-effective integration of plug-in hybrids into the fleet - a thing of the impossible? In this context, we will particularly focus on the following topics: What are the challenges of integrating plug-in hybrids? Which prerequisites must be created? How can a meaningful integration in the [...]

Webinar: real, new, moving: Integrating electromobility without network overload - a paradox?

How real is the fear of grid overload and additional investment through electric mobility? We will discuss this question in the 12th series of our webinars. What are the contents of this series? How can renewable energies be integrated into the existing power grid? Is the regional and local grid capacity sufficient? How to avoid massive additional costs when charging electric cars at the company site [...]